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  • environmental sidewall conveyor belt


    With the worsening of the world environment, the construction of environment-friendly society has become the focus of the society. For the conveying machinery and equipment industry, the transportation of bulk materials produces dust and sp

  • National patent product side conveyor belt


    Qingdao rubber six rubber tape Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development and production of patented products, and achieved fruitful results. And these thirty national patents, are all the technical staff of the company to explore the crystallization. One side of the conveyor belt with the national patent products is my company's "fist" products, well received by the majority of customer recognition and favor. Recently, the customer to order conveyor belt, the customer said: "your enterpri

  • Product loading and delivery


    Qingdao rubber six special rubber belt Co., Ltd. is facing the orderly loading of chaoyang! As soon as possible so as not to delay the normal production of customers. Product quality is our life, but the customer's time is equally important to us!

  • 2016 Yang Fan set sail!


    Attitude decides everything, the details determine success or failure is the Qingdao rubber six rubber belt Co., ltd.! Details are not just the basic management of an enterprise, but also our rubber six people responsible for the customer's attitude. Product quality is not just a slogan of life, but also our six people on the details of a full embodiment of management. Small details, great development, long life! Details come from the heart, the details from the innovation, the details from the