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Qingdao Rubber Six Xiangte Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd. is a large manufacturer of conveyor belts in China. Due to the growth of our business, we now have the following vacancies:


1. Domestic business (10 people)
Well paid, no limitation to gender, experience in the rubber industry preferred, college degree or above, passionate about sales, pleasant, elastic, good interpersonal skills, can accept frequent business travel


2. Foreign trade clerk (2)
Female, fluent in English, proficient in computer operations, experience in the rubber industry preferred


3. Back office clerk (3) + Internet marketing (2)
Female, proficient in computer operation, the Internet, good at communications, amiable, college degree or above


4. Driver (2)
35-45 years of age, can handle business travels, with more than 5 years of driving experience, veterans and CPC members preferred (1 driver is to work at Jiaozhou factory)


5. Laboratorian (2)
College degree or above, specializing in physics, chemistry or related fields; serious, having strong sense of responsibility. (job location: Jiaozhou factory)


6. Rubber technical staff (5)
College degree or above, major in rubber chemical related fields, polymer technology, and processing technology (job location: Jiaozhou factory)


7. Production line worker (60)
Electrician, vulcaizer, millman, maintainer, molding production line, hardworking, endurable, male or female, salary 1,500 to 3,000 yuan. (job location: Jiaozhou factory)


8. Security guard (2)
Hard-working, responsible; veterans or CPC members preferred (job location: Jiaozhou factory)