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environmental sidewall conveyor belt

2018-01-12 Viewed:652

With the worsening of the world environment, the construction of environment-friendly society has become the focus of the society. For the conveying machinery and equipment industry, the transportation of bulk materials produces dust and spillage in the work, and the environmental pollution is attracting more and more attention. Therefore, the transport machinery industry must start with the environmental protection, break the industry's own defects, and develop more environmental characteristics of the mechanical equipment.
According to the market and the state for energy saving and environmental protection requirements, in order to reduce pollution in the process of transportation, to achieve environmental protection and pollution-free transport of materials, Qingdao rubber six  xiangte rubber belt Co. Ltd to seek new breakthroughs in technology research and development, innovation is put forward and designed a new product - "environmental protection type inclined conveyor" and won the national invention patent.
The rubber six brand environmentally-friendly large angle block conveyor belt is built on the base of the ordinary side conveyor belt to create the effect of sealing the inner space with the addition of the covering tape. The design of rubber cover strip not only makes the conveying materials closed and fixed, reduces the occurrence of spillage and spillage, and avoids environmental pollution, but also improves the transportation angle of the conveyor belt, and increases the volume of unit transportation.
Compared with the ordinary belt conveyer belt, the advantages of the adhesive six brand environmental protection type high angle edge conveyer belt are:
1, suitable for easy transport and scattering or flying powder, granular, small block, paste material, can satisfy the harsh environmental requirements.
2, no need to use the belt corridor, the open air can prevent rain and snow, to protect the materials transported.
3. As the material is isolated from the surrounding environment, it does not affect the internal quality of the material and does not affect the safety of the surrounding environment.
4, it can replace the tubular conveyor belt and solve other transportation problems that are difficult to solve, especially in areas with strict requirements for material delivery.
5, easy to install, easy to repair, long service life.
Qingdao rubber six rubber belt Co., Ltd., as a provider of a complete set of solutions for the conveyor belt of rubber conveyor belt, is always a customer centered, quality based life and won excellent praise from domestic and foreign customers with excellent quality. In the pursuit of green, energy saving and environmental protection of the environment, is the national response to the call, as a responsible enterprise of environmental protection and social builders, temper forward, future.