After-sales Service
 Various conveyor belt products produced by us are all designed and produced in accordance with national standards, standards of the Ministry of Chemical Industry, standards of the Ministry of Coal Industry or enterprise standards higher than national standards and their standards, quality and performance are totally in line with the contract provisions. We ensure that our products have good performance under the conditions of correct installation, normal operation and maintenance. In the warranty period, we are responsible for all quality defects caused by design and technology and provide maintenance or replacement free of charge.


Quality warranty period is 12 months. When the quality warranty period expires, we will still provide tracking service in the whole life of the conveyor belt, pay regular visits to users to learn about the quality information of the conveyor belt during use and provide various technical services timely, so as to have our users have no worries even when the warranty period expires.


Technical Service Tenet: Meet customer demand maximally, think about for customers and responsible for product quality to the end.


Technical Service Personnel: Composed of engineers and technicians engaged in rubber manufacturing and technical service for years


Technical Service Content:


Conveyor belt design and type selection, conveyor belt technical advice, conveyor belt technical training, conveyor belt joint technical guidance, conveyor belt repair service, etc.


Establish customer files, pay regular visits (once a month within six months; once every three months after half a year), ensure quality control during use and serve customers better.


During conveyor belt quality warranty and the entire service life of the conveyor belt, if any problem occurs, our technical service center will dispatch relevant personnel to arrive at the site of conveyor belt designated by customers within 24 to 48 hours upon receiving customers’ technical service call.