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Chevron conveyor belt in CHINA

2018-01-12 Viewed:718

The use of the Qingdao  rubber six conveyor belt today and the use of the conveyer belt
Each pattern can be divided into three kinds: high, medium and low.
Use of pattern conveyer belt
For less than 40 degrees angle of powder, granular, small pieces of material handling, but also transport material bags.
Stripe pattern
The stripes are divided into three kinds of high, medium and low, and each pattern can be divided into sparse, dense, and so on.
Use of pattern conveyer belt
For less than 30 degrees angle of horizontal transport packaging. If in the slot, can replace font pattern.
Grainy pattern
The surface has a granular pattern with concave body or embedded in the belt body, can also be made of square hole shaped pits or prismatic shape and texture.
The convex grain pattern is suitable for soft packing or material delivery (such as cardboard boxes) or without sliding delivery.
Concave granular granular pattern suitable for less than 45 degrees angle of delivery.
The above is the summary of the Qingdao rubber six conveyer belt, and I hope to help you.