Filter Belt

Rubber Filter Belt

Filter press belts are used in specialized dewatering process equipment for separating solids from liquids in a slurry. It is used in the processing of minerals, ores, chemicals, dyes, foodstuffs, coal and paper as well as in flu-gas desulfurization systems and in fertilize production etc.
Our filter belt with fabric-free zones, these belts have the entre carcass removed from expose areas, usually around the drainage holes and often the edges of the belt. The carcass of the belt is safely protected by a wall of solid rubber. Our filter belts are also with the properties of high-strength, low-elongation, laterally stable, good chemical resistance, high temperature stability, good aging-and-sun-cracking-resistance.

Production rage:
Belt Width:0~3400mm
Belt Length:20~200m
Belt Thickness:20~50mm
Top Cover Rubber:10~30mm
Bottom Cover Rubber:5~15mm
Rubber Quality:
Normal, Heat resistant, Acid and alkali resistant, Oil resistant